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There are several corporate documents that are required or needed for a corporation to be created and to operate effectively and efficiently. These documents include:

  1. Articles of Incorporation: Also known as the certificate of incorporation or corporate charter, this document is filed with the state government to legally create the corporation. It includes basic information about the corporation, such as its name, address, and the number of shares of stock it is authorized to issue.
  2. Bylaws: These are the internal rules and regulations that govern the corporation's operations. They set out the rights and duties of the corporation's shareholders, directors, and officers.
  3. Stock certificates: Once the corporation is created, stock certificates are issued to the shareholders of the corporation, representing the ownership of the shares of the corporation.
  4. Meeting minutes: This document records the proceedings of the corporation's meetings, including the decisions made, votes taken, and any other important information discussed.
  5. Shareholder agreements: These agreements set out the rights and obligations of the shareholders of the corporation. They may include provisions for buying and selling shares, transfer restrictions, and the rights of shareholders to receive dividends and vote on corporate matters.
  6. Trade names: These documents create the existence of a trade name or "doing business as" name for a corporation to be able to operate legally under one or more company names. This is beneficial for corporations that provide multiple different types of products or services, or wish to market their company under a different name or location.
  7. Operating agreement: This document sets out the rights, responsibilities, and management of the corporation. It lays out the details of how the corporation will operate, such as the profit and loss distribution, management, and voting rights of the members.
  8. Employment agreements: This document sets out the terms and conditions of employment for the employees of the corporation, including their duties, salary, and benefits.
  9. Corporate resolutions: These documents record any formal decisions made by the corporation's board of directors, such as the appointment of officers, the issuance of stock, or the sale of assets.
  10. Service contracts: These documents provide a written agreement between the corporation and its customers. It lays out the details of the services offered, dates and times, pricing structure, and other important information related to providing services to customers.

Specific requirements and documents needed can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the type of corporation (e.g. C-corporation or S-corporation).

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